This is how the Earth works

Discussion on the environment is fragmented. It lacks an understanding of the full picture. When it comes to the environment, we can live on Earth for as long as the sun shines, provided that we take care of four things.

First, we must ensure that non-renewable raw materials and nutrients, the most critical of which will be phosphor in the near future, are circulating.

Second, we must make sure that renewable raw materials are used in line with growth.

Third, we must take care that energy is produced with renewable means. There are opportunities for this, as the amount of energy that the sun radiates on Earth in one hour corresponds with the energy consumption of the humankind in one year.

Finally, fourth: when we make sure that chemicals, genetic engineering and nuclear radiation do not intervene too much with the health of our own, there are no faults as such a life.

Juho Satti, entrepreneur

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